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Intelligent Tuition is an in-person tutoring service in Bromley. We use a combination of smart learning tools and experienced tutors to provide curriculum-aligned tuition at an unbeatable price!

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  • In-Person Bromley Tuition
  • English, Maths, Science, SATs & 11+
  • Personalised Learning Plans

Intelligent Tuition is by Bromley Conservatoire. Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot and Google.

effectMaths and English tuition

For years 3 to 6, full coverage maths and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) tuition.

effect11+ exam preparation

For ambitious children looking to enter grammar school. Usually for year 5 students. Includes verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

effectScience tuition

For years 3 to 6, full coverage of the national science curriculum (reproduction topic is optional).

effectKS2 SATs preparation

Hone in on the arithmetic, SPaG and reading skills required to succeed in these exams.

Our Tuition Subjects

Tailored tuition in the subjects that will help you child meet their goals.

Choose from Maths, English, Science (or all three) – all under one roof at Bromley Conservatoire. Our tuition is aligned with the national curriculum, giving your child a solid foundation. Tailor learning more specifically for exam preparation if required.

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One pricing package, unlimited possibilities

Other Services

Approx. £125/month

  • Book only 1x session per week (approx. £30/session)

  • Many complex and pricy packages

  • Limited flexibility

  • Unreliable tutors

  • No tailored approach to tutoring

  • Lacking exam-specific work

Intelligent Tuition


/ month

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    Book up to 3x sessions per week (approx. £7/session)

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    In-person tailored tuition in Bromley

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    Tuition in Maths, English, Science, SATs & 11+

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    Flexible, self-serve booking

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    Personalised learning plans

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    Progress updates every 2-3 weeks

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    Smart progress monitoring and recommendation engine

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    Access to vetted tutors

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    Choose any combination of subjects

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    Recommendations for home learning

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    Monthly protected payment via direct debit

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    Access to Intelligent Tuition Portal

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Maths, English, Science: Elevate Your Child's Learning

At Intelligent Tuition, we recognize that a strong foundation in Maths, English, and Science is key to academic success. Our specialized tuition services in these core subjects are designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster a deep understanding of fundamental concepts.

  • tickNavigate the world of numbers with tailored tutoring, addressing individual challenges and enhancing problem-solving skills.
  • tickMaster language skills, from grammar to creative expression, through engaging sessions and smart learning tools.
  • tickDiscover the wonders of biology, chemistry, and physics with hands-on experiences, fostering a lifelong love for science.

11 plus and SAT Exam Prep: Your Gateway to Success

Prepare your child for success in the 11+ and SAT exams with Intelligent Tuition's tailored and comprehensive exam preparation.

  • tickNavigate the challenges of the 11+ exam with targeted tutoring. Our expert guidance ensures thorough preparation in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, mathematics, and English.
  • tickExcel in SAT exams with our focused preparation. From critical reading to mathematical problem-solving, our tutors provide comprehensive support for success.


The technology powering Intelligent Tuition has been the backbone of tutoring at Bromley Conservatoire for years. We have had amazing success pinpointing academic weaknesses and supporting improvement. Intelligent tuition is highly optimised for finding areas of weakness so our tutors can intervene.

Absolutely! As students work through tasks, our intelligent recommendation engine will modify learning resources and assessment material to push students. Personalised learning plans show where they can be challenged further at home.

It costs £84 per month (£70+VAT). As you can book 3x sessions a week, this averages at £7/session! There is only one pricing package, but with full customisability.

We have highly optimised the tuition business model. All sessions are bookable through the self-serve portal, payment is taken automatically, our smart learning tools track progress and our tutors are only focussed on student improvement in sessions without being bogged down by marking and planning. All cost-saving is passed straight onto you!

These are the tools used in sessions to recommend students work, learning material and assessments. Our tutors use these tools to tailor tuition to the specific learning needs of students. Some tuition companies just guess or use inaccurate baseline assessments, we use hard data, collected over a long period of time.

All of our tutors are vetted and DBS-checked by us to ensure they can offer the highest quality support. They have all attended top grammar schools so they know what it takes to gain entrance to these types of school. We train all tutors and regularly observe sessions.

We do not offer trials. Other tuition companies offer baseline assessments or other initial tests. We find these are not helpful and can lead to work being set at the wrong level. Intelligent tuition is ongoing and is constantly tweaking learning materials and assessments. You can cancel anytime, so if you do not want your child to continue after a month, you can easily cancel.

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