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11 Plus Exam Preparation

At Intelligent Tuition, we will prepare your child with all the knowledge they need to succeed in 11 plus exams.

Understanding the 11 Plus Exams - GL Assessment Board

The 11 Plus exams, also known as the Grammar School Entrance Exams, are assessments commonly taken by students in the UK in their final year of primary education (Year 6). These exams are used as a means of selecting students for entry into grammar schools.

GL Assessment Board:

The GL Assessment Board is the organizations that conducts 11 Plus exams in Bromley and the surrounding areas. Their assessments often include:

-Verbal Reasoning: Evaluates a candidate's ability to understand and work with written information.
-Non-Verbal Reasoning: Tests spatial and logical reasoning skills using visual patterns and sequences.
-Mathematics: Assessing mathematical ability and problem-solving skills.
-English: Covering comprehension, grammar, and writing skills.

These exams are designed to be challenging and aim to identify students with strong academic potential.

How Many Questions:

The number of questions in GL Assessment Board 11 Plus exams varies by section. On average, students can expect:

-Verbal Reasoning: Around 80 to 100 questions.
-Non-Verbal Reasoning: Around 80 to 100 questions.
-Mathematics: Around 50 to 60 questions.
-English: The number of questions may vary, covering comprehension, grammar, and writing tasks.

Understanding the expected number of questions helps students manage their time effectively during the exam.

How the GL Assessments Are Marked:

The GL Assessment Board typically employs a scoring system where each correct answer is awarded a certain number of marks, and incorrect answers may not result in negative marking. The total raw score is then converted into a standardized score, allowing for fair comparison among students.

Sample Exam Format:

Below is a sample question format from a GL Assessment Board 11 Plus exam:

Sample Non-Verbal Reasoning Question
Sample Non-Verbal Reasoning Question

Sample Exam Format:

Below is a sample question format from a GL Assessment Board 11 Plus exam:

St. Olave's Entrance and Others:

St. Olave's Grammar School, among other grammar schools, often conducts its own entrance exams, such as the SET (Selective Eligibility Test) along with a secondary round. These exams may include:

- Mathematics: Assessing advanced mathematical skills and problem-solving.
- English: Evaluating comprehension, grammar, and creative writing abilities.
- Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning: Assessing critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.
- Interviews: Some schools may include an interview component to evaluate a student's communication and interpersonal skills.

Remember, success in the 11 Plus exams is not only about academic ability but also about effective preparation and confidence on the exam day.

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