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At Intelligent Tuition, we understand english can seem like it is only for "creative" children, but this is not the case. We have worked hard to ensure success in english is accessible to all students. Our tutors are trained to help children overcome challenges and to adapt their tutoring style appropriately.

Summary of national curriculum:

Year 3:

Reading: Developing basic comprehension skills with a focus on narrative texts.
Writing: Introducing sentence structure and basic punctuation in creating simple stories.
Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary: Building foundational spelling rules and grammar knowledge.
Speaking and Listening: Participating in basic oral communication activities and discussions.

Year 4:

Reading: Advancing comprehension skills through a variety of texts, exploring characters and settings.
Writing: Expanding narrative and descriptive writing, introducing more complex sentence structures.
Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary: Progressing in spelling rules and grammar, growing vocabulary.
Speaking and Listening: Engaging in discussions with increased complexity.

Year 5:

Reading: Analyzing themes in texts, making connections, and interpreting characters' motivations.
Writing: Developing persuasive and informative writing, refining language choices for impact.
Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary: Consolidating spelling rules, refining grammar skills, and expanding vocabulary.
Speaking and Listening: Participating in debates, presentations, and extended discussions with more depth.

Year 6:

Reading: Exploring a variety of genres, interpreting complex texts, and analyzing authorial choices.
Writing: Producing a range of writing genres, refining style and structure.
Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary: Applying advanced spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills.
Speaking and Listening: Engaging in formal debates, delivering presentations, and participating in nuanced discussions.

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