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Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is the ability to comprehend and analyse information presented in written language. It involves understanding the meaning of words, phrases, and sentences, as well as the ability to draw logical conclusions, make inferences, and solve problems based on the information provided. Verbal reasoning skills encompass a range of cognitive abilities, including reading comprehension, critical thinking, and language analysis, and are often assessed in various educational settings through assessments.

Although verbal reasoning skills are incorporated into Intelligent Tuition core english, most children who are applying for 11 plus exams will focus more on verbal reasoning in year 5.

Verbal Reasoning Skills:

- Critical Reading: Analyzing and understanding written passages, extracting information, and making inferences.
- Vocabulary: Expanding and applying a diverse range of vocabulary in context.
- Logical Reasoning: Making deductions, recognizing patterns, and solving problems based on verbal information.
- Comprehension: Understanding and interpreting written information, including implied meanings.
- Verbal Analogies: Recognizing relationships between words and applying them to new contexts.
- Sentence Structure: Understanding the structure of sentences and how different elements contribute to meaning.

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