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Although not offered by many tuition providers, success in science is crucial for your child's development of a well-rounded, holistic approach to all aspects of education. The KS2 science curriculum is also excellent in developing your child's numeracy and literacy skills.

Summary of national curriculum:

Year 3:

Scientific Enquiry: Introducing basic scientific investigations and experimental skills.
Living Things: Understanding characteristics of living things, life cycles, and habitats.
Materials: Exploring properties of materials and changes in state.
Forces and Magnets: Investigating forces and magnets, understanding basic principles.

Year 4:

Scientific Enquiry: Developing experimental skills, making predictions, and recording findings.
Living Things: Exploring the classification of living things and their adaptations.
Sound: Understanding how sounds are made, travel, and how they can be changed.
Electricity: Investigating basic circuits and understanding conductors and insulators.

Year 5:

Scientific Enquiry: Conducting fair tests, making systematic observations, and drawing conclusions.
Living Things: Examining life cycles, adaptation, and the impact of environmental changes.
Earth and Space: Understanding Earth's movement, the solar system, and day/night cycles.
Forces: Investigating gravity, air resistance, and the effects of forces on motion.

Year 6:

Scientific Enquiry: Planning and carrying out investigations, interpreting data, and drawing conclusions.
Living Things: Understanding evolution, inheritance, and the interdependence of living organisms.
Light: Investigating how light travels, reflection, and refraction.
Electricity: Exploring advanced circuits, electrical conductors, and insulators.
Earth and Space: Studying Earth's place in the universe, including the rock cycle and fossils.

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